Build, Hack and Win at the DevCongress MPower Payments API Hackathon

We have great news. But first, we
are glad you helped us in starting out with our first developer conference last August. Thank you!

We have come so far with you. And
we’re asking you to join us on our next biggest move – we’re
hacking on the MPower Payments API! As you remember, we talked a lot
about mobile payment solutions in Ghana at our first DevCongress. We, together with MPower Payments, have decided to give you a chance to hack, build and win with the
MPower Payments API. Awesome, isn’t it?
We have partnered with SMSGh for
this hackathon, so come join us this Saturday, 5th October
at the premises of the iSpace Foundation in Osu from 8 am till your
code works! We know that most developers in Ghana would like to make
use of mobile payments; this is the perfect opportunity for you to
finally build that outstanding product and begin to make some real
good money.
This is how it works.

You come with
your team of up to 3 people, or you can form a team of at most 3
people at the hackathon. No one knows it all, so we wanted to see
“trio-programming” at work this time. The teams would be required
to cross some checklists, and help other teams, to build points for
themselves as they create their applications. Obviously, the team
with the most points, and the most efficient code, wins. That simple!

There will be
guys from MPower, the developers who built the API, who will help you answer the difficult questions
about the API. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a pro to join
but it sure helps. Come, you may just meet your co-founder or your
biggest business partner yet. Oh, and some executives will be passing
through. Get those networking skills ready and your business cards.
Your next job may depend on that.

Get involved, register at

Since this is the first e-commerce
hackathon in Ghana, we’re making it big. It’s not just code,
there’s light, camera and … #LetsDoThis