#DEMOTop40 : Telecosys Transforms Business Assurance Services With VeriSure

Telecosys has been founded this year with a group of entrepreneurs with solid experience in Telecom. With a major focus on Business Assurance problems in Telecom, Telecosys has started its journey with the aim to provide Telecom industry with  new innovative software solutions in the different domains.

Telecosys is delivering VeriSure; a new innovative software solution aiming at transforming the Business Assurance solutions into automated and real-time solutions.Unlike other products in the market,  VeriSure solves the Revenue Leakage and Customer Experience problems at a Telecom operator in a real-time proactive manner, saving the operator millions of dollars loss and protecting the operator’s customer base from churn.


  • VeriSure saves 0.55% to 5.5% of operator’s revenue (millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars) from leakage and loss.
  • VeriSure kills 32% of customer churn at a Telecom Operator.

The product has made it to the Top 40 List of the DEMO Africa event in Nigeria.

Shady Hatem, CEO
Shady has more than six years of experience in software development and five years of Telecom experience in multinational giant operators with focus on billing, service fulfillment, and revenue assurance. After receiving a business degree from Maastricht Business School, Shady has decided to start his own company in the same domain of his expertise.

Mohamed Esmat, Business Development Director
Mohamed has more than 10 years of overall experience in the software industry, seven years in Telecom delivering projects for national and international markets (Germany and UK).He also has more than two years of hands-on experience in new product development from idea to market Mohamed is originally a computer science graduate with an executive masters degree in business.

Moataz Tarek, Software Developer
Moataz is a computer science graduate with more than three years of experience in software development and Business Intelligence.

Development Stack
Cannot share the development stack for confidentiality purpose, however we can share high level diagram demonstrating how VeriSure plugs into a Telecom operator’s environment like the one below:

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Twitter: @Telecosys
LinkedIn: Telecosys