#DEMOTop40 : SpellAfrica Initiative Helps Young Africans Speak Better English

Speaking good English is a critical component to help one communicate effectively. SpellAfrica is a hybrid Education for sustainable development Initiative. We focused on developing unique strategies for the purpose of helping Africa’s youths learn better English skills via mobile devices.

A picture is said to worth a thousand words. This is the driving idea behind our new Edugame, “FotoBulary”.  The app uses eye catching images to inculcate English lessons in the hearts and minds of the player. To get to the end, the payer must get the correct answers to all 50 images.
Without any formal publicity, the mVocabulary product of SpellAfrica attracted well over 50,000 users in less than 12months of launch.  We have received positive responses and feedback messages from users.

Sample mVocabulary

SpellAfrica is a youth led organization born out of passion and dedication for the purpose of assisting young Africans to learn better English skills.

A university graduate in Benin City, ones argued that it is impossible to learn English using SMS. I picked up my phone and read the mVocabulary word of that day to him. Interesting the word was “Cannibalize”. So I asked him the meaning of the word of the day. With all confident he answered “the eating of human flesh by another human being. “The eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of its own kind”. He actually thought cannibalism was the same with  cannibalize.

Elvis AUSTINS, Founder/CEO
Since the inception of SpellAfrica Initiative about 4years ago, Elvis has won a number of awards in social entrepreneurship, including the GSBI Online program of Santa Clara University, Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship, Stockholm and Startup generation fellowship in Canada, etc. He is also the winner of the 2014 English online exam scholarship of the IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language). He was recently awarded a Microsoft 4Afrika Scholarship.

Erezi Edoreh, Head of Marketing
Erezi is a gifted and passionate marker, with the ability to sell goods and service by making few statements. Before joining SpelAfrica Initiative, He worked with an American insurance company where he gathered years of experience in marketing. As the head of Marketing Operations, he is in charge of designing marketing strategies for SpellAfria Initiative.

Some of the volunteers and students of the SpellAfrica Initiative

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