#DEMOTop40 : Online Hisab Provides SMEs With A Cloud-Based Accounting Package

Online Hisab is a cloud based accounting package for Ethiopian SMEs, who are looking for an affordable and easy to use accounting solution. It enhances and facilitates the SMEs’s financial management without requiring prior accounting knowledge and advanced computer proficiency. Online Hisab runs online and charges an annual nominal subscription fee.

Online Hisab has been developed as a cloud-based accounting package that recognizes SMEs’ resource limitation, lack of computer proficiency and accounting skills.It allows the SME’s to have a bird’s eye view of their books, make quick and easy data entries, create invoices quickly, record payments easily, obtain instant insight of business operations all through unlimited data storage and automatic backups guaranteeing data security and safety. It enhances and facilitates the SME’s financial management by easily getting the aggregated sales, monitoring the petty cash and generating financial reports.
Our Accounting Solution is specially formatted to match the Ethiopian context with easy accounting terminology allowing rapid integration into daily operations. Accessed on mobile and desktop platforms both in English and Amharic with easy to use dashboard, bank level security, automatic backups, encryption and unlimited data storage.

Online Hisab enables Businesses overcome challenges associated with financial recording, maximize the use of their funds, focus on their core functions, satisfy their customers and comply with tax regulations while contributing to the nations growth and transformation.


  • Founders Award and First Runners up in the enterprise category at Pivot East 2014


  • Asmeret Gebre, BSc. in Information Systems and Technology from USIU and Product development Lead
  • Selamawit Tesfahuney, Certified Accountant, Chief Financial Officer
  • 3 more employees

Development Stack
Webserver: Apache
Database: MySQL
Server-Side programming: PHP
Client-Side Programming: HTML, Javascript etc.

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