#DEMOTop40 : Matibabu Prevents and Diagnoses Malaria With a Phone and a “Matiscope”

As per the WHO report 2013 a child dies from malaria every 60 secconds. Current malaria detection methods require a blood sample and diagnosis is then conducted via microscope (30 min) or molecular diagnostic methods (15 min). Microscopes cannot do early detection because of under sampling, while molecular diagnostics don’t give a count of plasmodium. Matibabu excels compared with molecular diagnostics because of increased speed and no blood sampling required, and can detect malaria early compared with microscope

Matibabu is an Application for early, non-invasive malaria diagnosis with a phone and a custom piece of hardware (Matiscope).

Matibabu address malaria disease management by offering cost-effective rapid early diagnosis of malaria which reduces amount of medication, duration of treatment and number of people suffering severe effects of malaria infection. Matibabu offers prompt, accurate diagnosis reducing without painful needle pricks, power challenges, the need for trained personnel, and shortened diagnosis time. It also offers educational tips on prevention and mosquito repellent sound. With potential value of reduced socio-economic costs of the disease for 300-500 million people.


  • UN empowerment award
  • UN women @microsoft Imagine cup, July 2013
  • Best Project Uganda Local final, Microsoft, April 2013
  • HESN USAID TECHCON 2013 best pitch, USAID, November 2013


Development Stack

  • PHP
  • windows phone C#
  • windows Azure 
  • Android
  • HTML

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Twitter: @matibabu8
Facebook: /Matibabu.thinkIT,
Web: www.matibabu.blog.com