#DEMOTop40 : Foodstantly Is An Online Marketplace for Food

Foodstantly is an online marketplace for food. Foodstantly uses technology to provide market access to farmers, food traders and restaurant. We do this by providing them with a mobile –web platform to set up shops, accepts payment, display good, promote goods and deliver direct to millions of consumers across the nation.
The sellers are given an easy simple to use interface to register, set up online shop and start selling through their mobile phones or internet enabled device.

Our 3 main products are:

  • Ready to cook: for farmer, food traders, frozen food dealers and restaurants to set up online shop and sell and deliver food stuffs/farm produce direct to consumers. Thereby saving the consumers the stress and hassles of going to the open air market to buy foodstuffs and farm produce.
  • Ready to eat: is for restaurant discovery and online meal ordering .Restaurant and fast-food can set up shop, sell and deliver to consumers. Consumers can in the comfort of their homes or offices order for meals and take delivery at their doorpost .Solving the challenges of traffic, hassles, time wastage etc.
  • Farm Produce Aggregation: this involves entering into partnership with farms, take delivery from the farm gate of all their harvest, sort it in sorting centres and sell it direct to consumers on the platform.

For consumers we provide convenience and same they time. For sellers we provide them with easy market access and use technology to grow their business without any physical barrier.

We have sellers from across the nation sign up these are farmers, food traders, food wholesalers and restaurant chains. We also have users registered across the country and monthly our order are growing. We also are opening up new channels and products to complement the existing ones.

We are a 6-man team made up of individuals skilled in business development, marketing and product development.

About The Founder

I’m Uche Ariolu, professionally a lawyer but at heart an entrepreneur; I love building businesses and love creating jobs. I have set up a series of small business from my school days. I worked for a while in the food and hospitality industry and gained a lot of knowledge about the industry as well as worked in the ICT outsourcing industry as a freelancer for 10 years. Just before I set up Foodstantly I set up TicketMyPal an event discovery and online ticket sales platform for shows,events,seminars and entertainment.

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Email: info@foodstantly.com
Facebook; Foodstantly
Twitter: @Foodstantly
Instagram: Foodstantly
Web: foodstantly.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/foodstantly

We need marketing executives and content writers and graphic designers at the moment.
Personal Twitter:@chayex
Personal Facebook;Uchay Ariolu
Personal Linkedin: ng.linkedin.com/in/ucheariolu/