#DEMOTop40 : Integrated Medics Is a Medical Info Management System for Hospitals

D8ONE8 Technologies Limited has developed an array of software mostly suited for the African continent. These products include Integrated School Portal, Autoklic, Gospeltunes, Capstone Manager, Mediclue, etc. Integrated Medics is one of D8ONE8’s products, and it has made it to the Top 40 list of this year’s DEMO Africa list of startups.

Integrated MEDICS is a user friendly, multi-functional, web based Medical Information Management System, otherwise called Medics, designed to computerize all classes of hospitals, while putting into consideration the complexities involved in the medical industry.


  1. All medical and non-medical department within hospital on a single platform
  2. Best inpatient management platform
  3. Hundreds of medical reports
  4. Platform and back-end independent
  5. The best in time of financial reporting (Get real time balance sheet)
  6. Multi-tenants
  7. Well documented – no need of special training before use
  8. Audit trail
  9. Beautiful User Interface and User friendly
  10. Highly customizable interface

Integrated MEDICS is currently running in General Hospital, Niger State, Nigeria.


  • Gbenle Oladapo
  • Tobi Ogunbode
  • Dele Bamidele

Development Stack

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Web: www.integratedmedics.com
Email: info@integratedmedics.com