#DEMOTop40 : m-MuZiik Is A Music Streaming Service For Feature Phones

m-MuZiik ( formerly MuZik) is a music streaming service for feature phones , first. On-demand, without Internet connection, users access unlimited free legal music and live new music experience on the go. No app to install, no music storage, just SMS an information about a song, and m-MuZiik plays it on your mobile phone.


  • Unlimited free music
  • Musical listening every where you go
  • No apps to install
  • No Internet Connection required

Demo Africa Top 40


  • Patrick Mveng ( @adelphepatrick) , CEO & Founder , Looking for Adam 2.0
  • Diane Djiele, CFO
  • Mo├»se Keutchatcham, UX Engineer
  • Germain Akono, GSM Engineer

Development Stack

  • GSM Technologies
  • Proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning, NLP, Machine Marketing)

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Twitter : @mmuziik
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/m-MuZiik
Email : mmuziik@adelrick.com