Ajumah Helps You Find Freelancers and Pay Them With Mobile Money

Ajumah is an online marketplace that enables employers to find, hire and use mobile payment systems to pay skilled African freelancers. It is completely free for employers to post tasks on the site and to receive bids from freelancers. Jobs can posted can be from diverse categories such as web design, data entry, article writing, logo design, software development, social media marketing, Adwords, etc.

It is also free for freelancers to create a profile and to send bids to the jobs posted on the site for consideration. The profile should contain details of a freelancer’s skills and expertise as well as past work history and ratings from previous employers to increases their chances of getting hired. After a freelancer’s bid is accepted, the employer deposits the money which is kept safely in Ajumah escrow, and it is released to the freelancer on work completion.


  • Value to Employers

Most startups and businesses in Africa do not have the resources to hire permanent employees to get tasks done. Also, finding, managing and paying skilled freelancers takes a lot of time and resources.

Ajumah addresses this problem as it enables businesses post their task or job to thousands of skilled freelancers in Africa to help them get more done while they save time and and prevent overhead administrative cost and permanent hiring cost.

  • Value to Freelancers

Freelancers can easily find freelance job opportunities across the African continent and beyond, work and make money from the comfort of their homes or remotely while they build a great freelance profile and online job reputation. With Ajumah, they can easily receive payment for their work and get rated by past employers to boost their changes of getting hired again.


  • Start-Up Chile Accelerator Participant, Generation 11 (link here)
  • Online launch – October 2014

We are a new startup made team of experienced software entrepreneurs with years experience in developing software that solves problems locally in Africa.

We believe that there is a wide pool of quality talent on the African continent and that when given the opportunity and the right platform, they can unleash their potential to contribute to development. Our goal is to provide this platform so that young Africans can create a gig economy by raising their income levels with their skills and talents.

We also believe that businesses can leverage on this talent to attain high growth by getting tasks done quicker and cheaper by experts; and that a marketplace that connects experts with startups is a huge step in the process.

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