With Dokita, Access to Reliable Health Information Is Just An App Away

Access to reliable health information is generally limited. Reliable health advice is not common outside hospital setting. Finally, ignorance about health issues fosters myths, misconceptions and negative health practices.

Dokita wants to transform the way health information is accessed in Africa. Dokita is a web and mobile application that gives users access to a large network of doctors. Users can get answers to their health questions, get multiple opinions and subscribe to information on topics that interest them and schedule online and offline appointments with their doctors. This allows users to access quality information for making good health choices. Dokita aims to improve access to quality health information in Ghana and across Africa, thereby creating a healthier continent.
Why Dokita
Dokita was born out of a conversation on how to help people get access to good health advice outside of the hospital setting. As mobile usage and Internet access increase across Africa, people are more able to consume information on demand.
Doctors, particularly younger ones, are already beginning to engage with patients on mobile and online, and users are searching for health information online.
What we think we can provide is a streamlined experience that simplifies the process of searching, viewing, organizing and sharing this information in a way that protects privacy and benefits an entire continent.
Value Proposition
  • Connect with Doctors. Get the right answers to your health questions!
  • Schedule your appointments and avoid the waiting line at the hospital.
  • Build your professional reputation
  • Meet colleagues from around the world and grow your network
  • Discuss cases with other doctors
  • Share knowledge, empower others and save lives
As part of its features, patients on the platform can:
  • Ask question and get email alert when answer arrives
  • Thank doctors for their answers
  • Follow health topics
  • Follow doctors
  • Book hospital appointments
  • Share useful answers and tips on social media
For doctors on the platform, they are privileged to:
  • Ask question and get email alert when answer arrives
  • Answer questions
  • View other doctors’ opinions
  • Participate in case discussions
  • Follow other doctors
  • Follow health topics
  • Post health tips
  • Agree with answers
  • Recommend colleague doctors
  • Share useful answers and tips on social media
Agana-Nsiire Agana, CEO
Agana is a techie turned software entrepreneur. He is a former manager of the Google Developer Group in Ghana and a graduate of the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.
Agana has worked in Technology since 2006. Agana is passionate about health and education in Africa and sees them as the gateways to holistic development on the continent.
Agana is also a technology evangelist and promotes tech among the youth in Ghana. As a hobby, he enjoys poetry, birdwatching and bird photography.
Steven Blavo
Steven is a techpreneur with a profound interest in software and web development. He has trained as a Public health officer at the School of Hygiene, at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. Having always been keenly interested in technology, he marries his passion for public health with the development of enabling software.
Steven loves to follow the latest trends in technology, especially as relates to health delivery in Africa. An avid technology evangelist, he likes to teach programming to young aspiring developers.
When he’s not coding, you’ll find him reading, swimming or reviewing movies.
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