Moja App Launches At World Blood Donor Day Celebration In Accra


As part of celebrations of the International Blood Donor day, the long-awaited launch of the Moja App came to an end last Saturday at the Efua Sutherlands Children’s Park last Saturday.

Moja App, from 233 Apps, is one of 7 apps that emerged out of the Vodafone Ghana Mobile For Good Competition held later last year. The app helps blood donors to keep track of their donation schedules, ask donation-related questions in a forum, connect with a doctor virtually, receive statistics about blood donation in Ghana, and it sends alert about pending donation requests from the various blood banks across the country.

The CEO of 233 Apps stressed that the main idea is that, should the app work as planned, the blood bank should be always stocked with blood and there will be no need finding donors at the point of need.

moja app demo
CEO of 233 Apps demoing at the Moja App Launch

The launch of the Moja App has come also at such a ripe time as some victims from the June 3 explosion have requests for blood. In support of the explosion, Vodafone will organise a blood donation exercise for businesses within the Airport City enclave, over the next few weeks.

At the launch, the current Miss Ghana Beauty Queen reported our Miss Ghana’s success in supporting 100 blood donations over the past year.

Moja App is an example of how technology can be used to target various social health issues plaguing the country. A major concern for such apps has always been adoption. Hopefully, this time the story will be different.