DevCongress News Has Moved To A Gharage


A few years ago, we decided to create a tech community which will help developers in Ghana and elsewhere getter better and more efficient at our trade. Living in the vision, we found the need to create a news platform to serve Ghanaian startups with news about their comrades in Ghana and elsewhere.

Like any startup, we quickly put up our MVP,, to serve that purpose momentarily, on Blogger. But some happenings over the last few months have necessitated the reason to move finally to WordPress, and to, pronounced “garage”. We chose “gharage” because startups have a synonymity with garages, and we’ll be writing mainly from Ghana. See what we did there? 😉

Also, the main DevCongress site has migrated to a .org, landing at

Gharage is a DevCongress initiative which will, in the mean time, hold news items about Ghanaian tech and startups. We will also do well to bring news from other startups on the continent, just as we did on the excellent DEMO Top 40 Series last year.

Gharage features the News sections, and by popular requests, Events, for tech events.

On that note, we welcome any writers who want to help spread the word about Ghanaian, and African tech or opinions – send an email to get set up. We look forward to exciting times. Thank you for your continuous support to this cause.


(Lead, DevCongress)




  1. YB Gerard Reply

    Nice name! But I don’t know a single Ghanaian startup that started from a “garage”….

    • gharage Reply

      True! That even shows that a lot of Ghanaian startups have not told their stories so we don’t know who might have started from a garage. Thanks for the comments. Seen my mail? 🙂

  2. Elijah Hanson Reply

    Gotta love the moniker! Dunno if its just me – the font in the write up doesn’t render properly. I’m using a laptop though.

    • gharage Reply

      Hi Elijah, good to have that feedback, I’ll check on that, and fix it if it’s a pending issue. Thanks for the heads up.

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