Raye7 Is Winner of DEMO Africa Cairo Pre-Pitch Event

Raye7 completes the list of the four start-up that have secured a direct nomination to DEMO Africa 2015 edition. The start-up was declared the most outstanding during the final DEMO Africa pre-pitch event which was held last night in Cairo, Egypt. Raye7 is a mobile App that enables sharing of rides with people within the same social circle, allowing one to save money, time and at the same time strengthening social networks.

The Cairo event which was co-hosted and co-organized in collaboration with Ctart-up, was the last of DEMO Africa’s 2015 pre-pitch events. The pre-pitch events saw the team visit four cities across Africa meeting technology stat-ups and giving feedback on various technology products. This exercise is meant to improve the quality of technology products which are coming out of Africa in order to secure more attention from local and international stakeholders. It is also meant to promote the innovation of products that are more real to various situations in Africa and around the globe.

Commenting on their success an ecstatic Ahmed Negm, founder, Raye7 expressed optimism in securing investor attention on the DEMO Africa stage. “Securing a direct nomination to DEMO Africa is a huge step towards securing the investor attention. The support of stakeholders for innovators like me is critical to the success of a whole generation and of Africa as a continent.”

Ctart-up’s CEO Ahmed Darwish, congratulated Raye7 adding that innovations that are aimed at fostering community cohesion are a key factor in fostering economic growth. “Social networks often lead to business networks and this in turn breeds economic transformation. Raye7 makes a good start.”

Raye 7 joins three other start-ups; Flippy Campus (Ghana), Shield Finance (Kenya), and road rules App (Zimbabwe) on the list of the start-ups that are expected to pitch on the DEMO Africa stage this year.

The application platform for DEMO Africa closes in the next two days. A panel of experts in Business and technology will sift through the received applications throughout the month of July to deliver 26 more names that will complete the list of final thirty.

Investors, IT Buyers and Consumers and Media are expected to congregate in Lagos, Nigeria on 24th and 25th September for the DEMO Africa event at the Eka hotel. Registration to witness the unveiling of the most innovative technology products from Africa is currently on-going.

~ See http://www.demo-africa.com/ for more information regarding DEMO Africa 2015