#DEMOAfricaTop30 – iKon Tracker Has Built TransitKonect and the iKon Chip to Solve Various Transport Challenges

The iKon Tracker team.

With the uber-success of Uber, and ride-sharing app Easy Taxi in Asia and some parts of Africa, transportation has looked lucrative as an industry that can be disrupted. This is what Nigeria’s iKon Tracker wants to be a part of.

The company has a transportation a product called TransitKonect, a taxi booking application. With an exclusive service provider contract signed with the largest taxi company in Africa, to the tune of over 10,000 taxi’s, TransitKonect is uniquely poised to be the largest transit booking platform in Africa. All contracted taxi drivers are contractually obligated to have the iKon application installed within their cabs.

Being the first of its kind partnership agreement in the world, this adds thousands to the iKon network and exponentially improves the finding power of the iKon community. Here’s a scenario: Imagine losing your wallet in downtown Lagos, one of the most densely populated states in the world. Moments later, through the power of the iKon community you have the exact real time location of your wallet. iKon Tracker is also uniquely poised to provide the largest tracking and safety platform in Africa.

The company has been successful in some ways. Their exclusive service provider contract signed with the largest taxi company in Africa opened them up to over 10,000 taxis. Already, one of our team members Ogozi John represented them at the recently concluded Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Program, where TransitKonect won a seed grant of $5,000 (USD).

Development wise, the team has completed the alpha stage of the project, where the tracking chip was tested and everything went as planned, where a little adjustment was made to better improve the efficiency of the product. The iKon application is being fine tuned at the moment, alongside with the iKon chip. Both app and chip would be ready for mass production and market release by the final week of September ahead of DEMO Africa.

The founders love what DEMO is all about and what DEMO represent. “DEMO gives entrepreneurs wings to fly, what is a dream or an idea without having someone to share it with. We applied to DEMO, in order to showcase/share our idea and project to/with the world, in order to get funding and investment for our cost-effective and efficient safety gadget.”, Chris Adedayo, founder, adds.


Adedayo Charis: Founder/CEO
Bennet Dunne: COO/CFO
Ogozi John: Administrative manager
Bosun Ariyo: Business manager
Chinedu Anyachebelu: Operational manager.


Email: [email protected]
Skype: adedayoikudaisi
Twitter: @adedayocharis

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Facebook: /ikontracker
Twitter: @iKonTracker

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