#DEMOAfricaTop30 – Koomzo automates School Processes with Saas ERP School Systems

One area which has seen a few improvements in related software products is education, although education is a major driving force of any thriving economy.

Koomzo is one of the few SaaS school ERP systems that automate all the core school processes. Most of the existing SaaS school ERP systems have placed a lot of emphasis on targeting schools, while Koomzo on the other hand has gone the long mile to ensure that its system can be easily deployed in universities with minimal need for customization. The user interface of Koomzo is highly intuitive, allowing users to fully navigate the system with minimal ICT skills.

Koomzo is multilingual, with current support for English and French. The team is working towards ensuring support for many indigenous African languages used in higher institutions of learning across the continent. Not only does Koomzo provide support for French language, it also takes into account automating processes in the specific model in which universities function across countries in French Africa.

Furthermore, Koomzo allows the integration of mobile money payments into its system thus allowing schools the opportunity for effective revenue collection. This is particularly important in Africa with the growing trends in mobile payments.

To the team, DEMO Africa is currently the most well-structured opportunity for African start-ups to showcase their innovative solutions. Participating in such a platform immediately opens up a start-up company to its potential market (both within and outside the African continent).

DEMO also plays a key role in bridging the gap in access to finance for African start-ups, which is key in facilitating the success of African start-ups. Additionally, the numerous success stories from DEMO Africa Alumni in raising investment capital and increasing their business growth potential is a huge motivating factor for the Koomzo team.


“Koomzo is our first flagship product and this is our very first challenge participation and being selected to DEMO Africa Top 30 is an attestation of the quality of the product developed by the company.”


Team Members(Name, Role)

Longchi Kanouo: Solution Architect/Founder
Nfinyo Mabu: Business Developer
Severin Tenku: Finance
Verkijika Silas: Software Engineer