#DEMOAfricaTop30 – ogaVenue Makes Finding and Booking Event Venues Less Stressful

Among several event-administration applications and ticketing management products, ogaVenue is one of the most thriving of such products making a name for itself in Nigeria and beyond.

The team was excited to apply to DEMO Africa because as a growing company, they see the need to participate and network with the people that matter in the technology space in Africa to enable them scale faster, close deals and find new opportunities.

Asked what they do, the simple reply was “We ease the stress it takes event host to find and book event venues.”

To drive get ahead of competition, ogaVenue aggregates event venues online making it easy for event host to search, check availability and book a venue for any type of event directly online. They are streamlining a process that could take days on weeks to a simple 10mins process.

The road has been a tough one with a couple of successes. The team has listed over 1500 venues within 5 states in Nigeria, processed 675 requests as at the time of writing this report, and have had 30902 venues searched. Our CEO was listed among the Top 10 young visionary fellows from Africa in 2014 by IndiAfrica that brought together 20 young visionary fellows from Africa and India.


ogaVenue has 5 founding team members:

  • Airelobhegbe Andrew – Founder/Chief Product Evangelist
  • Impact Airelobhegbe – COFounder/ Chief Operating Officer
  • Praise Osagie – Lead, Technology
  • Marvis Osagie – Lead, sourcing
  • Asine Godstime – Lead, Marketing

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings

twitter: @ogavenueng
facebook: www.facebook.com/ogavenueng

Andrew Airelobhegbe
[email protected]
twitter: @airelob
facebook: www.facebook.com/airelobhegbe