#DEMOAfricaTop30 – Feem WiFi Assures the Ultimate File Transfer Experience

Among the Top 30 startups for DEMO Africa this year is Feem Wi-fi, a product from the FeePerfect team. Here’s a transcript from a conversation with the Team Lead which will help you know more about the product.

What does Feem Wifi do?

We realized a few years ago that the internet is no longer enough. That’s why we created Feem Wi-Fi: The Ultimate File Transfer Experience.

Think of Feem as Dropbox without the Internet, or WhatsApp without data.

Feem is the fastest way to transfer files between devices. How fast? Feem is around 50 times faster than Bluetooth and around 5 times faster than Dropbox.

After many years of hard work, our team has successfully combined Wi-Fi and peer to peer technologies to create the ultimate file transfer experience across multiple platforms. Device to Device. No servers involved. No cloud involved.

No Internet means the government and the NSA can not spy on you. No Internet also means unlimited file transfers. Dropbox, e-mail and iCloud all have file transfer limits.

Our team has gone through incredible lengths to make Feem work across multiple platforms. We are proud to announce that Feem works natively on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Metro, Windows Desktop, Linux and Mac OS X.

All this effort has paid off.

Feem has been downloaded on more than half a million devices already. We estimate Feem has already saved the world millions of dollars in bandwidth costs.

And we’re just getting started.

What makes you different from competitors?

Everyone with a smartphone, tablet or PC device will at one point want to transfer files to other devices. Transferring files between devices has become a very difficult task for many smartphone, tablet and PC users.

The difficulty arises because files have become heavier, and competing operating systems don’t work well together. Privacy has also become a major concern post-Snowden.

Most users (will) prefer sending files to their various devices over Wi-Fi rather than via Bluetooth (very slow) or USB sticks (doesn’t work between mobile devices) or the cloud (slow, expensive, privacy issues).

Lenovo recognized this market opportunity and decided to launch a similar Wi-Fi file transfer product called ShareIt. Apple also recognized this opportunity and launched AirDrop.

Existing Wi-Fi file transfer products are meant only for individual use. There is an opportunity here for Feem which is ideal for individuals, family members at home, students in a classroom, or colleagues in an office.

Why did apply to DEMO?

Here at FeePerfect Cameroon, we build dreams. Our latest product, Feem Wi-Fi, was originally built for Africans.

It turned out that people out of Africa were using Feem more than Africans themselves! Half a million people all over the world are using Feem, and almost none of them are from Africa.

We are partly at fault here. Firstly, it was easier and cheaper for our team to market Feem out of Africa. Secondly, we tried as much as possible to hide our African identity on our product website to avoid any form of bias.

But this didn’t feel right. The rest of the world was getting value out of our product, except our own people. We wanted to fix this wrong. For that, we needed exposure at a continental level. For that, we needed DEMO Africa.