#DEMOAfricaTop30 – Edge Books Delivers over 30000 Books Through Its Mobile App

Edge books is a pioneering digital delivery platform in Africa by delivering and monetising digital content like e-books, journals, magazines, etc. Edge books sells its books and other content via its own e-reader app, Media+.

It is a global African brand with a strong focus on developing for the African market. It has already launched in 4 regions already and even an outlet in the UK(with its large African immigrant population), and is integrating with payment solutions in these regions.

Speaking with CEO Oluwagbemiga Ben-Daniels who is formerly of Disney and MTV was an eye-opener into his background in Finance and later branching into IT. Being an “Internet-of-Things” entrepreneur, Oluwagbemiga launched a video on demand service in 2002, NigeriaOldMovies which obviously launched way before its time. He also launched aspanda.com, a spare parts portal to cater for the Nigerian market at that time. Finally, he started Edge Books, a service which began about 4 years ago but just launched recently because it had been a “side project” all that time.

Edge books launched with close to 30000 local and international books as supporting its aim of helping local publishers to migrate from print to digital. The team was recently at the Nigerian Bar Association 2015 Annual General Conference to launch digitised law reports for Nigerian lawyers and practitioners.

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Already, Edge Books has apps on Android and iOS. They have digital versions of the same book, on the portal, books ranging from 50¢ all the way, up to $8.

I made a few inquiries about the team’s motivation to apply to DEMO Africa this year. Two points were highlighted.

  1. To make their presence felt in Africa.
  2. To seek investment opportunities since the product has been bootstrapped since its inceptions through a lot of team sacrifices. They want investors to see great value in the company, to come on board to help them expand into the rest of Africa.

All these successes have been achieved by less than 10 staff members, located in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and the UK.