Ahonya Launches AhonyaBid, the newest Ghanaian Tech Craze

ahonya bid

Just about a year ago, Ahonya Web Shop closed a round of funding from Rio Partners. Over the past 12 or so months, the startup which branded as “Ghana’s Premier Online Shop” has tried a couple of ideas launching the #Only10GHC Campaign in October last year.

Months on, Ahonya has launched AhonyaBid.com, a bidding website for mostly tech products. Just like any bidding website, the highest bidder wins. The first person to have won bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for GH¢6.30!

However, Ahonya operates in a slightly different way. A user signs up and buys bids (with money!) in Bid Packs as little as 50p.

As good as this may sound, I’m sure the trend will catch up early with a lot of younger people who are looking to change gadgets but may not be able to afford the cut-throat original store prices.

This is quite new to the Ghanaian market. How soon till there are several clones of this on the market? Will execution and adoption of the idea be in their favour?