iSpace Has Moved — And You’ll Love the New Place!


iSpace has been a major part of the Ghana startup eco-system for more than 2 years now. Being a co-working space and an events center has been one of the many benefits the Foundation has been to startups in Ghana and beyond.

Now, iSpace has moved! The move to Labone addresses one of the major issues people had with the previous location — accessibility. We all wanted to go to iSpace but most people cited the 6-storey building with no elevators as a barrier — and the location would also be a deterrent for most people, especially first-timers.

The new iSpace, is literally a walk-in. The building, located down the Bosphorus road in Labone, features 6 offices, 4 currently occupied, each coming with an air-conditioner and a closed-room for the team. iSpace’s creative focus is not complete without a garage for creative folks.

This is exclusive of the 2-3 open-space offices in the indoor working/open area.

Aside the indoor open space, there’s also an outdoor open space suitable for cocktails, hackathon brainstorming areas, and other outdoor (pitch) events, with accessible washrooms for visitors. Oh, and there’s a smaller well-greened lobby right in front of the building for relaxing.

The new outdoor space at iSpace


If you’re not new to the area, here’s what to do. From the Labone Junction, walk towards Bosphorus. On reaching Bosphorus, turn left and take the road downward. Otherwise, here’s a Google Maps snippet of the location.

With the house-warming coming up on November 27, it will be a good time for visitors who want to get a good feel of the place.

Cheers to iSpace on it’s new place. We’ll miss the view from the old iSpace.