MEST Incubator Opens Applications for Startups As Business-In-Residence

Many software companies in Accra, Ghana are aware of the opportunities that MEST Incubator companies have. It’s rare to have such a number of software startups in the same building, solving different issues but facing similar infrastructural or logistical issues related to working in Ghana.

The MEST Incubator has nurtured several successful, and some failed startups. The environment always pushes software startups to strive for the best and achieve success in their business space.

Finally, MEST Incubator has opened up its doors to non-MEST software startup teams, to come be part of the space as Business-In-Residence! Apply via this link.

Who Are They Looking For

  • Energetic individuals or small teams working on digital businesses with a focus on addressing Pan-African opportunities
  • People who are passionate about joining and adding to our active community of entrepreneurs and technology ninjas
  • People whose presence in the incubator will directly benefit and bring value to existing companies in the incubator and our Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs)


What You’ll Get

  • Office space in our Incubator complex in Accra, Ghana
  • Open floor plan seating or private offices (depending on space availability) and access to two conference rooms for meetings
  • High speed internet connectivity, backup power generator and water supplied
  • Exposure to strategic corporate partners relevant to your business
  • Access to special events and visitors hosted at the Incubator complex

Being a part of the MEST community for some time now, I see this as a great opportunity for growing startups in Ghana to take advantage of this to gain and share technical knowledge, networks, and business best practices. This is the exposure that a lot of software startups in Ghana need. Probably the best Incubator news ever!

The past year at MEST has seen a lot of changes; Opening up EIT admissions to Nigeria and Kenya, cutting down training period to 1 year, announcing the MEST Venture Partners, the inaugural ATS, and now opening up the MEST Incubator facility for non-MEST startups!

Hopefully, these changes will add on to the various developments happening in the software startup space in Ghana, and the continent as a whole.

Don’t forget to apply for business-in-residence here.

What are your thoughts on this move, and several others from the MEST communnity? Share them in the comments below.