M-Ablode Helps You To Build Wealth Using Your Phone


Creating employment and wealth by giving global business access to an on demand and scalable workforce in Africa via a mobile micro working platform named M-Ablode. A collaboration between EDEL Technology Consulting and United States African Development Fund.

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USADF as part of the YALI( Young African Leaders Initiative) provided grant funding for the development of the mobile based platform M-Ablodé . Ablodé is an ewe word spoken by the fon ewe people originating from Ghana,Benin,Togo meaning Freedom or Independence

The problem: The African continent’s labour force will be 1 billion strong by 2040, making it the largest in the world, surpassing both China and India (McKinsey Global Institute, 2010). In Africa youth unemployment occurs at a rate more than twice that for adults, Youth account for 60% of all African unemployed ( World Bank).

Solution: M-Ablodé is a Micro working platform that enables individuals and businesses globally to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do. The micro workers will be based in emerging markets specifically Africa.

The Customers (Requesters) will be able to post tasks, such as content creation, image identification, acquiring information, data input, data verification, proof-reading, translation, copy-editing, graphic design, information gathering (e.g. GPS data, Sentiment Analysis).

Telecoms giant Ericsson expects mobile subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa will increase to 930 million by the end of 2019, making Africa the mobile first continent. This has led us to develop M-Ablodé .

M-Ablodé will be launched in June 2016. Sign up to be first to know

Site: http://mablode.edelitconsult.com


The U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) is a small but effective tool in the U.S. Government’s Foreign Assistance toolkit.

USADF is on the frontier of development, working directly with Africans on the ground to combat some of Africa’s most difficult development and foreign policy challenges with programs to increase the U.S. diplomatic and development presence in the hardest to reach areas of extreme poverty.

USADF awards small grants (up to $250,000) for technical assistance and capacity building to grassroots organizations, cooperatives and community enterprises that strengthen local institutions and achieve lasting impact. The grants help organizations create tangible benefits such as increasing or sustaining the number of jobs in a community, improving income levels, and addressing social development needs.

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