HapaWeb Opens hapaSpace Co-Working Space in Kumasi


Co-working spaces have over the years become a thriving hub for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Mobile Web Ghana, Hub Accra, iSpace, Tech Hub have began a revolution of helping startups find spaces at cheaper prices. On February 1 2016, Hapaweb Solutions, an IT company based in Kumasi opened hapaSpace, a co-working space in the heart of business center of Adum in Kumasi, the second capital city of Ghana.

hapaSpace is located in the Dovewell building opposite the STC station in Adum, the Dovewell building is a prime estate which already houses banks, insurance companies, restaurants, a gym, a spar and the TV3 television network. The co working space has office spaces for individuals, teams of twos and teams of fours as well a meeting room, an eating area and a training/events space.

The goal is to be more than just a space to work, but to build a physical community that provides IT start-ups, SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprises relevant education, training and mentorship opportunities that are key to helping ideas and prototypes become viable products and services. – Albert Opoku, Co-founder

Mr Gideon Brefo, the Manager for hapaSpace added that the ultimate aim is to build a strong entrepreneurship hub in Kumasi.

At the moment hapaSpace is home to Indego Africa, A USA based social enterprise, Tech-Prenuer, a web and mobile apps training startup, Modern Technologies limited, an early business company providing satellite internet services and Hapaweb Solutions, the founders of the co working space. There are also close to 10 non-resident members using the space.

The number of startups already using the space proves that Kumasi is in need of more co-working spaces. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of more of such initiatives springing up in Kumasi.