A Case Against Busy 4G

busy-4g logo
So I went to buy the busy 4g mifi and was happily enjoying their weekend free browsing freebie,  when they started (at least the speed was acceptable most of the time). I went to top up like I did for the past two months and  I was told that now the promo has changed and I can only access the weekend freebie when I purchase 25GB and above but I can get the free night freebie and 3 other freebies from 3 other categories.
And that was it, so I close from work on Friday and I was up doing some work. After 12midnight I decided to up my data usage because that was when the free night browsing starts (at least that’s what I thought). And then few minutes later I get an alert that my data is running out. So I call their customer service to find out what is going on, just for one guy to tell me that it’s free night but it excludes the nights on weekends (as if weekends do not have nights). And wait, how can you plan a free night package that starts from 12midnight to 5am and say you can only use it on weekdays and not weekends that people can actually stay up to use that package. That’s a classic disguise for IT’S THERE BUT YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO USE IT.
But well, how they choose to run their business is all of their business. Not neglecting the countless number of times I get SMSes from them saying that the network is down at so so and so locations and their very unstable speed.
My humble conclusion is that Busy 4G only got busy deceiving people.


Finally, Busy 4G decided to refund my data so that I can shut up.

I don’t know what they are going to do about their “free night” browsing, but I guess … well …