spitcanvas Is a Video Platform for the Art of Words, Best for Logophiles

berzerklabs and spitcanvas
The Berzerk square crimson logo on the left, spitcanvas logo on the right

Very few startups venture the video route. You’d usually be overcome by YouTube’s overarching presence, and reach. Your friends might constantly remind you of how you’re doomed to fail because of these and other factors. Beyond all this, Berzerk Labs has defied odds to build a video platform for logophiles.

spitcanvas is a video platform for the art of words. The platform targets mostly rappers, poets, battle-rappers, freestyle-rs and rap fans in general. It was built by Berzerk Labs, a team, with members based in Ghana, varying in skills, from web development to photography.

Like most early-stage startups in Ghana, Berzerk Labs doesn’t have an office space and guess what, they don’t plan on getting one, yet.

“We’re geniuses. The Dungeon” is our virtual headquarters where we are constantly being kept slaves to our dreams, they say.

Currently, they are reachable on Twitter via @berzerklabs and the prodcut’s @spitcanvas handle. Email [email protected]. The team is hiring a female designer below 22. As communicated to gharage, she should be a goddess at digital art. Interested person’s should send an email.

It’s interesting to see a new startup tackling video, especially starting from Ghana. I honestly found their crimson square quite a logo; I think this is an interesting startup. Share your comments, thoughts and questions via the comment box below, the team will be reading.