Forhey Gets Accepted Into Facebook’s FbStart Program


On-demand services have seen a lot of disruption with the boom of startups worldwide. Having someone to do the grocery for you, run errands for you or just to pick your calls has never been this easier. It’s no surprise that this has caught up with Ghanaian startups. This is where Forhey falls.

Forhey is a full-service garment care tech start-up from Ghana. In Forhey’s service offering every aspect of taking care of your clothes and items including, dry cleaning, wash & fold and ironing is professionally handled. Forhey picks up and delivers your laundry from your doorstep – be it your home or your office within Accra. They handle everything from your socks to your curtains. Forhey simply checks laundry off your to-do list so you can focus your free time doing what is really important to you.

Forhey provides you with branded dry cleaning and laundry bags and all you have to do is fill them up with your clothing, and Forhey takes care of the rest! When the bags are full, you select a convenient pick-up time online or from their mobile app and one of their friendly “Heygirl/Heyguy” will meet you at home or your office. Forhey’s next day dry cleaning, laundry and ironing services guarantee is simply a brilliant convenience hack!

Forhey recently got accepted into the Facebook FbStart program, designed to help growing startups scale. They are the first tech start-up from Ghana to have been accepted into the selective program.

FbStart is a new program from Facebook designed to help early stage mobile startups build and grow their apps. FbStart provides startups with an exclusive community, worldwide events, mentorship from Facebook, and up to $80,000 in free tools and services.

Their admission into the program will bring them many benefits, as stated on the FbStart website.

fbstart on gharage
A good job to Forhey for pulling this off. Cheers to them. Send comments, questions and well-wishes in the comments below. Find out more about Forhey here.