Tress App Accepted Into Y Combinator Fellowship Program

Sometime in February this year, Tress, a hairstyle app from the MEST Class of 2016 launched at Social Media Week in Lagos. The app received a lot of attention from hairstyle lovers across the globe. A few months later, the Tress team has been accepted into the Y Combinator Fellowship Program.

Tress is Africa’s first social app that taps into the haircare industry. The company is founded by three women software entrepreneurs from Ghana and Nigeria – Priscilla Hazel, Esther Olatunde, and Cassandra Sarfo. Tress is built by these women from Ghana and Nigeria who are excited to be solving problems they feel keenly every single day.

The YC Fellowship program will run for 8 weeks. It is targeted at teams that are very early, that haven’t yet raised money from investors. YC Fellows will receive $20,000 per team as a convertible security and access to advice from the YC community. The program will be much lighter weight than YC. A dedicated partner will advise YC Fellows and be available for office hours. YC Fellows are also likely to receive AWS and Microsoft hosting credits.

“Acceptance into the Y Combinator Fellowship is validation of the work we are doing at Tress and the value we strive to provide to black women,” said Hazel. “We are excited to take full advantage of opportunities available in the Y Combinator Fellowship program to fulfill our mission of helping black women thrive.”

The team will participate in the Kick Off conference during the first week of the program. The subsequent weeks of the program will be conducted remotely with virtual weekly office hours and talks. At the end of the program, they will pitch to investors at a Virtual Demo Day.

The Tress Android app is available for download right now on the Google Play Store.