First Devless Academy Training Begins on 16th July

Last week we reported about Devless, one of the MEST 2016 startups that’s looking to make life easier for developers.

Devless is an open source Backend-as-a-Service for web and mobile application developers to rapidly develop their backend services and generate API endpoints for their applications using plug-&-play modules.

As part of building the communitiy, the team is organizing its first Devless Academy session. The session will introduce trainees to build applications with frontend framework powered by the devless backend.

“The goal is for trainees to learn to build web applications without touching any backend code. All one needs to build web applications with Devless is basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript.” — Julius Odai, CPO.

For front-end developers who have a desire to build useful applications based on some backend, this session will be a great one for you, to introduce you to a new way of building simple yet robust applications.

Don’t miss this first one, register at


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