EWB Canada Partners MEST To Support Fellow Recruitment

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MEST has been on a journey since 2008 to groom African minds to build globally successful software businesses. Great teams like these always need founders with strong technical background. It was once joked that, the tech stuff you learn at MEST in one week is more than you’ll learn in your 4-year university course. And now, EWB Canada is here to make it even better.

MEST, on Thursday, announced via Twitter its partnership with EWB Canada. The tweet reads, “We’re excited to announce our partnership with @ewb which will bolster our fellow recruitment.”

Within the partnership, Engineers without Borders (EWB Canada chapter) will recruit an in-kind tech fellow for MEST.

Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB) is a Canadian NGO that invests in people and ventures to create a thriving and sustainable world. Bolstered by its network of 40 chapters and 1300 members, EWB provides seed funding, talent and mentorship to social enterprises throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. For more information on EWB, visit http://ewb.ca.

The EWB Fellows Program

Now in its 15th year, the EWB Fellows Program exists to develop a cadre of Systems Change Leaders by equipping them with the opportunities, competencies and skills needed to build a more thriving and sustainable world. Every year we recruit 25-30 outstanding people for the 12-month Fellowship, placing successful candidates in one of our early-stage Ventures located throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

EWB is just starting recruitment for their next Fellow Cohort, and beyond sending roughly 10-15 fellows to their core investees, they’re also looking to partner with a few other ecosystem players like MEST.

Fellows stay for between 12-24 months and all core expenses are covered by EWB, including a 3-week pre-departure training.

EWB typically recruits people with backgrounds in engineering, finance and development – all of them have to be flexible, quality “EWB-type” people who can embrace and work well with a lot of change. All the Fellows are Canadian citizens or immigrants.

Most of the EWB people/friends of MEST that have been here at MEST over the years have at one point been a MEST Teaching fellow, placed with one of our investees or partner organizations. I’m looking forward to seeing the kind of candidates this attracts. – Katie Sarro, Managing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, MEST

One thing that MEST excels at is the quality of teaching fellows you get to work within the — previously 2-year, now 1-year — period. This news makes it even more exciting.

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