3 Ghanaian Startups Make It To DEMO Africa 2016 Top 30 List

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Ghanaian startups have a history of being present at DEMO Africa. From mPawa, Kuzima, OzinboPay, KKYB, Boxbuzz, MyeCampus, Paysail, all the way to Zeepay, Flippy campus, we’ve been there. And this year, we picked up 3 out of 30 spots. Last year was two, DEMO Africa 2016 is better.

DEMO Africa is one of the flagship initiatives of [email protected] and aims to connect African startups to the global ecosystem. DEMO Africa is the place where the most innovative companies from African countries get a platform to launch their products and announce to Africa and the world what they have developed.

With real startups being created in Africa to develop real-world solutions, worthy of investment and global attention, The U.S. Department of State, in collaboration with Microsoft, DEMO, USAID, and Startup Weekend,  launched the Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations ([email protected]) Partnership. This was In recognition of Africa’s economic emergence.The public-private alliance is aimed at enhancing and deepening the startup and innovation ecosystems of targeted fast- growing African economies. — DEMO Africa.

DEMO Africa has been one of the continent’s major startup events helping startups to launch and raise money. Sometime last year, one of the DEMO Africa alumni startups from 2012, Weza Tele, sold for over $1million. Quite encouraging.

The 30 finalist startups have products in 11 verticals including logistics, retail, ecommerce, education, banking and finance, media, renewable energy, health and agriculture. Banking and financial technologies had the highest number of entries followed by media, ecommerce and education.

  1. Grid Supply Chain
  2. Loystar
  3. Iyris KO Ltd
  4. Cocktail Insights
  5. Boresha Limited
  6. Ujuzi Software Solutions
  7. MumsVillage Ltd
  8. Strauss Energy
  9. IT Brothers
  10. Nextwi
  11. Solstice HES
  12. WESABI
  13. ArtNigeria
  14. Shuttlers
  15. Rubiqube Limited
  16. SharpHire Global Limited
  17. Vuga Ltd
  18. ConnectMed
  19. Reel Gardening
  20. SolarCap Pty Ltd
  21. RadioVybe
  22. Sortd
  23. ION Comsys
  24. Ekasi Energy
  25. 4th Element
  26. K Measure Pty Ltd
  27. Zivo Learning
  28. flexyPAY Intenational
  29. Telescrypts
  30. Lipa Mobile

In four years of running, the DEMO African alumni have generated over $8 million in either investment, business or partnerships from the unique mix of positioning, opportunity (networking, fundraising), training and exposure that our launch pad offers.

It’s great to see Ghanaian startups at the event this year too. Just from looking at the previous Ghanaian participants, I hope this year’s cohort does better.

All the best to Cocktail Insights, Loystar and the Iyris KO Ltd teams.