TrackHab is an SMSGH-Backed IOT Asset-Tracking Startup

trackhab on gharage

Internet of things has been in the discussions lately. WAZIUP, Vodafone M2M now Vodafone IOT, to GCAA hinting registering drones, it’s great to see how Ghanaian startups will build useful products that drive the interest of the market. Now Trackhab is revving up the IOT engine.

Trackhab is labeled as Ghana’s first indigenous Internet-of-Things company, and it provides asset tracking and monitoring devices which enable vehicle owners, and owners of other assets to have an overview of their asset’s location and condition at anytime.

Trackhab’s cloud-based tracking service works with multiple device types to provide a unique monitoring experience from anywhere, on any device. Trackhab’s device portfolio features several devices and they provide useful features that will make business case to any asset owner.

It provides real time asset tracking with continuous updates, and the platform is 100% owned by Trackhab. However, its partnerships with MTN Business and SMSGh put the product in a strategic position to reach more African countries. MTN’s existence in 22 countries, with 17 of them in Africa is alone a competitive advantage, coupled with MTN being the largest telco in Africa.

Also in partnership with the largest SMS aggregation company in Ghana, SMSGH with branches in two African countries, TrackHab will soon become the first tracking company in Africa where the customer can build their own devices (build a maker space). The startup offers complete asset tracking, not just car tracking to gain a competitive advantage.

SMSGH’s investment and involvement in Trackhab will play a key role in improving business operation efficiency, personal/private safety, and most importantly empower people to better understand the world around them.

In less than a year since the team launched, they have been able to provide custom solutions. They are also the first to provide full asset tracking solutions in Africa. Trackhab is the first asset tracking company to introduce OBDII devices in Ghana, and first to monitor fuel in generator sets and track cellsite batteries nationwide. Finally the team prides itself in the fact that it is 100% Ghanaian-owned. I wonder what the narrative will be when the international investors gain interest.

The team behind the product are Alex A. Bram (General Manager also General Manager and CEO of SMSGH), Daniel Garibah (Business Development Lead) and Kobina Boa-amponsem who’s Chief Technology officer of the company.

For any job openings, etc. reach Trackhab via 0241012207, Twitter or via their support page.