SpeedUP Africa Makes 8 Investees Including Tress and Swiftly

Tim Draper at SpeedUP Africa 2016 in Accra Photo Credit: SpeedUP Africa fb

After several days of about 100 startups meeting in Accra, the SpeedUP Africa team left Accra investing in 8 startups. The event, which involved an Investor Series was quite exciting, from the videos posted online by some participants.

According to the team, Tim Draper made 2 direct investments, only his 2nd & 3rd ever investments in Africa. They are excited that their vision is shaping up, barely days after SpeedUPAfrica. The full list of 8 investees are VugaPay(Rwanda), Tress(Ghana), Swiftly Web(Ghana), Planete Sports(Cote d’Ivoire), VeriCampus(Nigeria), DropBuddies(Nigeria), NURLUX(Nigeria), and TrendingshoW(Uganda).

There were other startups who, though were not invested in, received some mentions from the SpeedUP Africa team.

With Draper University’s support of the SpeedUPAfrica initiative, it was no surprise that 7 startup founders from the event were invited to the US to be part of Sillicon Valley’s elite entrepreneurial and life changing programs. The 7 Startups are listed here.

Also, Singularity University is nominating 6 outstanding startups from SpeedUPAfrica to participate in its newly launched Impact Fellows ProgramClick here for more on this:

For the awesome 24 featured startups, 6 Ghanaian startups(Tress, Chalkboard Educations, Loystar, Swiftly Web, MyeCampus and SFAN) were listed there. These startups have been tipped to be on a path to achieve success. Find the full list here.

Then there were startups who, even though didn’t receive direct investments, got business offers and external investments. There were 9 of them also listed here.

It was obviously an exciting experience for startups and participants who were at SpeedUP Africa. Cheers to the all the winners in the categories, mostly the teams who received investment offers.