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ispace new logo

iSpace has been around since 2013, it has become home to creatives and developers who need co-working spaces to get those juices flowing. Sometimes, it’s events, and meetups. Over the past year, the team has been making some significant changes, first beginning with the change of location.

About two weeks ago, the co-working hub revealed a new logo — its first rebranding since it launched 3 years ago, powered by the folks at The WorkSpace. A logo says a lot about any business and changes to it usually signify a changing direction for the company, or crystallising of the original vision.

For the team, this rebrand was to “affirm” its support for entrepreneurs in Ghana. Here’s an excerpt from the the official communique concerning the new logo.

At iSpace, we rebranded to affirm our support to the Entrepreneurs in Ghana. That our Space will always be a safe haven for them to develop  their ideas. As always, our Space gives individuals the opportunity to work on their ideas or businesses with little or no strings attached.

For the non-regular fonts (the i and A) of the new logo, the team behind the rebrand explained them as follows.


I start with this quote because fear resides in our Mind. In our New Logo, we have an “I” without “dot”. The “I” in iSpace has always been used to represent You – the entrepreneur in you. This time around, there’s no Dot because we want to remove Fear from your entrepreneurial journey. You see, Fear starts from the mind, and the moment you develop fear towards your idea, doubts sets in. So what if there’s no “head” therefore there’s no fear.


In the centre of the new iSpace Logo is a perfect triangle. Lots of stories have been generated around this triangle. We added this Triangle to represent the House iSpace is. being the safe place for entrepreneurs to grow to their full potential.

Our  new logo is an affirmation of an old message. It takes courage to let go of the familiar to embrace the new.


The old iSpace logo
The old logo
The new iSpace logo
The new logo

I couldn’t associate with the explanation of the “I”. On the other hand, however, I’d think of the triangle as the multi-faceted side of any entrepreneur, not just being able to sell, but to create and also to communicate.

A good change for the team, we look forward to other updates from iSpace in the coming months.