AITI-KACE Will Be Talking About IoT at i-Week 2016


Every year, The Kofi-Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT takes a week to discuss the most promising contributions to technology and innovation in Ghana over the past year. This, they call Innovation Week, shortly called i-Week. Last year’s i-Week focused on Digital Payments as that had been at the front of most discussions within that year, and even some years before.

From 12th – 16th September this year, AITI-KACE will hold i-Week, under the theme, “Internet of Things & Innovation”, at its premises in Ridge, Accra. This year, i-Week will focus on Internet of Things. As the team puts it, “Innovation Week 2016 event focuses on how Ghana can embrace IoT for increased development and efficiency in all sectors of the economy, fastrack growth and success rates for Start-ups and SMEs.”

The organisers of the event this year will also focus on using IoT to drive intra-preneurship in organisations leading to innovative solutions. The impact is expected to be felt in increased operational efficiency and expansion of the economy in new opportunities and new roles. This holds promise for job creation, increased business and economic growth.

Over the 7 years i-Week has been in session, hands-on workshops, hackathons, practical training, seminars, interactive presentations, as well as the exhibition of innovative products have been a part of the sessions, and this year will be no exception. A new item on the bill this year is a developer conference. I wish the time given to the conference would have been more.

And of course, there’s no IoT without drones. There will be drones at i-Week 2016.

Here’s the programme for the event.


Day 1 & 2 (September 12&13, 2016): Workshop & DevCon
a. Practical training on Internet of things applications (9:00-12:00 Noon)
b. DevCon (1:00pm-4:00pm)

Day 3 (September 14, 2016) : Driving IOT
Day 4 (September 15, 2016): Internet of Skies -Drones
Day 5 (September 16, 2016): IOT for Business

It’s no surprise that IoT has been at the forefront of this year’s i-Week celebrations. From Vodafone rebranding M2M as IoT, us featuring Trackhab, iSpace and WAZIUP collaboration, and Ato putting all that together, there’s definitely a lot to talk about IoT from 12th – 16th September at AITI-KACE.

If you want to attend, here’s a link to register.