Got Any Civic Tech Ideas? iSpace Wants To Help You.

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Civic tech is one of the areas where more tech enthusiasts really want to take a shot at. For most of us, the notion, and hopefully not the truth, is that government already knows who will be working on these projects months before hand. Or that you’ll be outbid by more established companies who might just not built a great product. And it looks like iSpace wants to help your case if you’re such an upcoming developer.

Civic tech improves citizen engagement via technology, usually in a way that empowers citizens or strengthens government operations, like when launched a few days ago to help Ghanaians verify their names in the Voters’ Register or Odekro’s coverage of Parliamentary proceedings. Truly, solutions like these are hard to come by because they might not pay much for the indie developers that work on them. Worst of all, the government might communicate that it’s not an official means, and that may deter people for using it.

Making All Voices Count has truly been making all voices count by encouraging ideas in civic tech, from all over the world. The organisation uses its large network and resources to call for ideas every year – ideas that will improve civic technology. And I have had some friends who progressed to a stage and won some money because of that about 2-3 years ago.

This year, MAVC in collaboration with Indigo Trust is partnering iSpace to call for civic tech ideas into an accelerator program. The program looks restricted to Ghana and is funded by MAVC and in partnership with Indigo Trust.

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If you have any idea or a startup which enables engagement, the participation of the public for stronger development in Ghana, then iSpace wants to help you. The deadline is 31st August 2016 for the first batch, and the link to registration is: You can also apply if your idea (Startup) enhances citizen communication, helps to improve government infrastructure or a platform that support government bodies and institutions.