Sika Releases Beta iOS App – We Take A First Look

sika ios beta

A lot of talk in Ghana over the past few years have revolved around digital finance management. Way back from OzinboPay, all through to the rebranding of iWallet to SlydePay, many solutions, including ones that are not, have helped to make mobile payments just a bit more seamless. Then SIKA arrived.

Sometime last year, SIKA was teased to Ghanaians to help ease the burden of digital financial payments and money management. A year on, the product has hit a closed beta and is still in line with the initial goal of “using modern mobile and financial technology along with user experience design to replace banks.”

On launching the app for the first time, you are taken through about 4 simple onboarding screen then greeted with quite a welcoming “Intro” screen with some new and exciting features, including; paying for services, sending money to friends and family. Locally and internationally (in USD, GHS, Euro and British Pounds), currency exchange, cash out at SIKA partner banks and ATMs, connecting multiple debit cards, ability to add up to 3 bank accounts and many others that should be experienced than heard.

Users would be allowed to begin reserving their SIKA Tag in September this year, while the official/press launch Is scheduled for December with full-blown operations starting early next year.

From the folks at SIKA, they have an exhaustive yet growing wait list of signups from tech enthusiasts in the Ghanaian startup community, metropolitan Ghanaians abroad, expats, and increasingly, small to medium size business and NGOs, people eager to use SIKA in order to avoid the red tape, expensive, less secure and the inconveniences associated with local and global money transfers in Ghana today.

This is one of the well-designed apps I have seen in Ghana so far. For now, we can only be hopeful for what SIKA will bring into town and wait for how much of a disrupt this app would be for the Ghanaian FinTech space. Check out some screenshots and share your comments below.


Contact Card on SIKA iOS Beta


Transaction History on the app


Intro Screen


Sending money on SIKA