Shypmate Announces Biggest Update Yet — Peer-to-Peer Delivery


If you have ever wanted to ship something from the US to Ghana, you’d appreciate the usefulness of Shypmate. Sometime last Christmas, I used the service for the first time — and I was all smiles!

Early Friday morning, the team announced what is the biggest announcement from them yet — peer-to-peer delivery. If you have used the service, one thing you’d wished was in place was for them to receive something you have bought, then ship it to you. I wasn’t always comfortable that customers may not be receiving shopping points, etc. Also, it’s great to track your purchases from the shops themselves and not Shypmate. In justifying their previous choice, the team, explains, “Due to our limited security resources to accommodate the above stated concerns, we decided that we would only ship items that we purchased directly from merchants.” and I completely agree and understand that.

Now the good news of peer-to-peer delivery is captured below in an excerpt from the announcement.

The expansion of the peer to peer delivery will allow people to purchase items themselves and still have it delivered to either Ghana or Nigeria using Shypmate. People in the U.S. will now be able to send items to their loved ones in Ghana and Nigeria, such as gifts etc that they purchased themselves. Some might be wondering if Shypmate will still purchase items for customers, and the answer is Yes. We realize that there is a good amount of our users who do not have the means to purchase items themselves. Our new service will be an extension and not a replacement to the current service that we offer. With this new service, Shypmate will screen and thoroughly vet all items in order to ensure that we are still giving our travelers the same guarantee of safety as that is our topmost priority.

This is some tonne of good news right here after another recent update sometime in June. Cheers to the team.