Don’t Miss the First Ever DevCongress Meetup

devcongress meetup

Several years have passed since our first event, the one we so much remember. Between then and now, we have provided many developers the opportunity to share what they know, engaged in some discussions over the Slack channel and talked a lot, a lot, about developers and startups, and sometimes put code to our words.

This weekend, we begin one of the many touch points we plan to engage developers, meetups! DevCongress meetups will provide an opportunity to put faces to the names you’ve been seeing in the Slack channel, introduce you to new ways of doing things, and also give you an opportunity to talk about something you love. Ping @yaw or @silentworks in the Slack channel for any updates.

So this Saturday, September 17, we all will gather at our beloved MEST at about 5pm, and get this started. Come, meet new people, talk, share experiences, and enjoy some snacks. Yes, there will be snacks.

Don’t forget to share the experience on social media. The hashtag is #dc1meetup. Don’t dull, see you!

Register on egoTickets so we know you’re coming. ??