WASSCE Tutor Helps Students to Prepare for WASSCE

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Once every few years, an education startup pops up. The education space has desired much innovation, to grow that sector. Elsewhere in the world, new online learning platforms are popping up, but mostly for non-localised content. The WASSCE Tutor from dotLearn is here to help Ghanaian students prepare for their final SHS exams.

dotLearn is a startup with the mission to make online education accessible to all. The team has announced the launch of WASSCE Tutor, their first mobile app. After a successful beta app with over 100 users, WASSCE Tutor is finally available for all android devices to download free.


WASSCE Tutor helps senior high school students overcome the WASSCE exams by providing small, easy to understand videos that explain difficult topics and practice questions from a database of past WASSCE exams. Our revolutionary technology means that our videos are very light and so use very little data, meaning students don’t have to worry about their bundle. By spending 30 minutes a day revising with the app, students will be able to improve their knowledge of subjects taught in their classrooms and get good grades in their exams.

The WASSCE Tutor app is especially timely, given that in Ghana 90,000 candidates failed in Maths and 34% of students failed the 2016/2017 WASSCE exams. One of the reasons given for this failure is that many schools are unable to finish teaching the required syllabus in the classrooms before the end of the school year.


Not completing the syllabus is a problem WASSCE Tutor can solve because all the subject content in the WASSCE Tutor app is based on the approved WAEC syllabus for senior high school students. Since the videos in WASSCE Tutor, which use up very little data, are arranged by topic and also can be searched by name, students who use the app can study at their own pace, easily revising what they’ve already learnt or studying ahead of future lessons.

“It is my mission to make sure everyone in Ghana and Africa has access to knowledge, no matter what their internet connection is like” said Tunde Alawode, COO and co-founder of dotLearn, the company behind WASSCE Tutor.  “Even though I am from Lagos, I was fortunate enough to gain acceptance to do a PhD in MIT because I was able to study online. Now I’m working to make sure that every student has similar opportunity, starting with the WASSCE”.

The WASSCE Tutor app has the following features:

  • Easy to understand video explanations: you get to see all the “workings” just like a real teacher does.
  • The videos are fast, use very little data (as little as using Whatsapp) and work offline.
  • Easily accessible: study whenever you want, whether on the trotro home or just before you go to church.

You can download WASSCE Tutor for free from the Google Play Store by clicking on this link: https://goo.gl/teWRki


About dotLearn

dotLearn, founded in 2015, is a startup working to create accessible educational materials for people in the developing world. We develop technologies that makes the educational materials lighter, faster, more relevant and make sure they work perfectly offline. We hope to see 50million students have increased access to education in the next six years. To learn more about dotLearn visit: www.dotlearn.org

You can contact dotLearn via Nii Motey on +233 50 001 7633 or email; [email protected]