Eazyloop Is An Aggregator For Delivery And Courier Services


Ghana, mainly Accra, has seen e-commerce rise over the past few years. As the need for e-commerce grew, the need for delivery services also grew immensely. One consistent difficulty, however, is finding delivery services all in one place. Aggregator sites always bring to bear the mostly unknown service providers, while increasing credibility and levelling the field for all companies. Eazyloop, following in the same vein, serves as an aggregator for delivery services.

As explained by the team, Eazyloop is a delivery service aggregator that helps businesses and individuals find top delivery services within Accra.

The app launched recently, and hence has only Accra companies signed on now.

Due to the existence of multiple delivery services, we decided to bring all of them together under one umbrella and provide a singular interface to businesses and individuals to enable them take advantage of their collective power. The value proposition is that we will always find a courier service for you when you need it whereas individual courier services might be over-booked or simply unavailable due to their inadequate capacity, Andrew, the co-founder and lead engineer explains.

He adds, Furthermore, we are putting a technology interface on top of all the existing courier providers so as to provide a more friendly experience for users. Another advantage is that, with our technological approach, we can freely connect to e-commerce platforms to help drive their delivery needs.

Eazyloop, though new, has chalked some successes, considering their operations are based in Accra currently. They currently process up to 10 deliveries per day. The main success till date is the end-to-end automation of the delivery process from customer straight to courier. This was necessary to enable the system scale properly.


Eazyloop is run by three staff members who take on various roles in marketing, sales, software development and business development.

For customers and couriers who have an interest in Eazyloop, find them online at www.eazyloop.com and on social media on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.com

The service is also available via USSD on *714*40#.

For further enquiries to email [email protected].