Uber Will Take Your Donations on UberGIVING This Saturday

ubergiving by uber accra and dare to dream ghana

Uber has been in town for many months now, since sometime June this year. Over the past months, we have seen how the team has grown its user base, increased the number of cars in Accra, and become more useful if you want to have a reliable, safe ride across the city. This Saturday, Uber is accepting donations, via UberGIVING.

The service will run on Saturday, 10th December, 2016, from 9am – 12pm. Within that time, users who want to donate any items should do the following:

  • Open the Uber app
  • Swipe right and select UberGIVING
  • Request a ride as usual
  • A driver will arrive at your pick-up location to collect your donations

And that’s all. Yes, you read it right! ??

Uber has partnered with Dare 2 Dream Ghana to make this possible. Dare to Dream describes itself as “a non-profit organisation determined to mentor the youth on developing their creative talents and skills and nurturing them into fulfilling careers.” It was founded in 2006.

This looks like a good way to receive donations, for any course as well. Users will not be charged anything. The team advises that “All donations must be bagged or boxed in order for drivers to accept your donation. If possible, please mark clearly what you are donating,”

Even though this seems a worldwide promo, I reckon this might help the team in Accra as it could be a good test for the UberEats service which has begun in other African cities already. UberEats is an on-demand meal delivery service, and one of the expansion services run by Uber.

So, if you have any items to give away, Saturday seems like a good day to do so, and a good-enough time frame to get them ready. Plus, you’ll not be paying for transport.

Happy #UberGIVING everyone!