Two New Barclays Bank Ghana Credit Cards Launched

barclays bank ghana credit cards

Credit cards have been a part of banking for a long time, especially in first-world and other technologically advanced countries. Recently, with consumer interests and needs growing, credit cards have been in use in Ghana, as local banks are beginning to issue them. Stanbic Bank Ghana already have their credit cards on the market. Earlier this month, there was the launch of two new Barclays Bank Ghana Credit Cards.

The Barclays Credit card provides customers the option to shop both online and offline. Offering the most competitive rate, the Barclays Credit Card is currently the only card on the market that caters for the low income earners. Salaried workers that save with Barclays, and Barclays Premier customers are eligible to apply for the Credit card.

“The needs of our clients including prospective clients keep evolving year in year out in line with both local and international trends. Our interactions with our clients point to the fact that, there is the need to provide a credit card to make life a bit more comfortable as many countries are now moving towards card payment systems. The market for credit card is ripe and being a customer driven bank, we are now in the best position to provide this service to our cherished customers,” Mr. Sam Donkor, Head of Credit cards, Assets and Insurance adds.

This is how the card works. Customers have the opportunity to spend or pay for their purchases and pay the bank at a later date, with an interest rate of 5%. They have 55 days interest free access to credit. This means interest is only charged on unpaid spend after 55 days. Barclays Credit Card customers also get up to 50% discount from BBG Alliance partners. (Maxmart, Game, Orca Deco, La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Holiday Inn and many more partner outlets.

Here are more reasons why BBG wants you to use their credit cards.

  • Barclays provides the highest interest free period on the market – 55 days. The others provide 45 days and even 40 days in some cases.
  • You only pay 5% of whatever you spend and it is the lowest in the banking industry.
  • Effective 1st January, all credit card holders will enjoy free travel insurance cover.
  • Unlike other banks, you need not have cash sitting in your account in order to have a credit card. All you need is to have your salary remitted to a Barclays account and for our Premier customers, keeping your account active will qualify you.
  • Our credit cards are available to all including low income earners. Other banks require minimum income of GHC3,000 and others as high as approximately GHC13,000
  • Barclays credit cards are internationally accepted in over 22 million outlets displaying the visa sign across 150 countries worldwide.
  • You earn Worldmiles every time you use your Platinum Credit card to pay, which can then be redeemed for free airline tickets to any choice destination.

With these many benefits, Barclays could be a good bet if you want to try a credit card in Ghana. This could become a trend for the rest of the banks that want to catch up with customer expectations as Ghanaian customers become more aware of such banking opportunities.