MEST and SAPxM Have Launched the #EmpowerTech Crowdfunding Campaign


For a little more than 8 years now, MEST has trained software entrepreneurs who from 4 countries on the continent. Over the years, the Meltwater Foundation has supported the school, fully. Now, the school wants you to support to #EmpowerTech in Africa with a crowdfunding campaign, with SAPxM.

“We believe that with the right support, people can achieve anything”, said Wolfgang Faisst, Head and Co-Founder of SAP XM. He continued: “Every young talent, regardless of their origin, nationality, or whatsoever, should have the same opportunities to start their own career and live their own lives. We want to empower young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams with the support of such a great school like MEST.”

MEST has already been working with with SAP before launching this campaign as some SAP staff come to Accra during their sabbatical to help mentor MEST and its trainees.

As they’d put it, “We had the privilege of working with the Management Team and students at MEST in October 2016. We were very impressed by the students’ passion, engagement, competence and richness of ideas. MEST is doing an outstanding job in developing and supporting these talents. We are confident that these students will play an important role in shaping the future of Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, and hope that the MEST ideal spreads over the continent – supporting a true pan African endeavour!”

Celine Duros, Head of Partnerships at MEST, is excited about the collaboration with SAP XM: “We’re looking forward to a new type of partnership with a tech organization like SAP that shares the values of MEST. It is exciting to be a part of this innovative Christmas campaign, which makes a tangible difference in the lives and future of the young aspiring tech entrepreneurs.”

Already, SAP Exchange Media has donated €8,000 to MEST as this year’s Christmas gift. This is a good start, and will definitely need more of such donations to keep the campaign fruitful. Visit the Campaign website to make your donation.

If you have any questions about this campaign, feel free to contact Florian Eckart from SAP XM or Celine Duros from MEST.