Join 2-day WAZIHack to Build IoT Solutions for Farmers

In June last year, the WAZIUP Project launched in Ghana, at iSpace. This year, the team is back with even more exciting undertaking: a hackathon. The upcoming WAZIHack hackathon which will focus on the farming folk will happen from 24th-25th February at the iSpace premises.

WAZIHack is a 2-day Hackathon that will bring the brightest of minds in IoT and Big Data together to create solutions for the rural ecosystem.

With the hackathon focusing on agriculture, this will be a wonderful opportunity to create a long-lasting solution for Farmers in the sub-Saharan Africa. Since WAZIUP is an international project, it is likely that solutions that will emerge will be deployed across several countries in Sub-SAharan Africa.

Photo Credit | iSpace

Before the hackathon commences, newbies and beginners in IoT and Big Data will be briefed and given a full days’ bootcamp, which will aid them put up their best for the hackathon. They will also be introduced to seasoned experts who will teach them how to pitch their idea.

Out of the teams which will be available, 10 teams will be selected to present to the jury of experts, then three of those teams will be winners for the hackathon.

For more about the hackathon, check out the iSpace post at and register at

WAZIUP is an EU and African cooperation action targeting sub-Saharan African countries. It aims to accelerate innovation in Africa through cutting edge IoT cost-effective communication and big data technologies deployed on PaaS and know-how. It is an OPEN SOURCE project addressing the IoT needs and demand of the developing countries and to tailor the IoT and Big-data PaaS platform in the context of Africa in order to offer value-added cost effective, reliable and energy efficient services.

If there’s anything developers should take notice of, it is that IoT has become well-engraved and engrained in today’s tech, providing an opportunity to develop solutions for devices of all sorts. This hackathon presents a conducive atmosphere to be creative and present solutions that will be used in the real world.