LendingSquare Wins GHS 25000 at SRS Hackathon

lending square srs hackathon

Photo Credit | iSpace Twitter

Over the last weekend, Secure Revenue Services hosted a hackathon at iSpace, dubbed the SRS Hackathon. The hackathon was organised in collaboration with iSpace and CashPhase Microfinance Limited. The 4-day event was aimed at finding innovative and workable solutions to problems in money lending, concentrating on attracting persons with brilliant ideas for: Credit Scoring for the unbanked, and persons with little or no financial history.

After 4 days of thinking, hacking and developing their various ideas, Lending Square won the grand prize of GHS25,000.00 on Monday. As earlier communicated, upon further discussions and agreements with Secure Revenue Services, winners may be awarded contracts of employment to further develop the solution. Lending Square, a startup that digitises the money-lending sector seemed to have been a good position to claim that prize as they already have a deep knowledge of the banking sector.

About SRS

SRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of SRS Holding B.V., a company with registered offices and address in The Netherlands. The main business of SRS is the development of IT solutions to secure revenues. We recognize the challenges faced by developing countries in the collection of revenues deriving from various revenue streams such as taxes (both direct and indirect). Our focus is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art customized solutions that plug revenue leakages to secure revenues collection.