Mum and Child is Your One-Stop Shop for Baby Products in Ghana

There’s been an influx of classified sites in Ghana, bringing services and goods to the doorsteps of the many Ghanaians who wish to “shop online“, or even better described browse online. In any given situation, this gives rise to ecommerce shops which are usually different in services delivery as they target specific users. So it becomes, for example, a shop for women, for men, etc.

Mum and Child is one of such targeted commerce shops in Ghana. The store describes itself as “an online retail shop dealing in high-quality range of everyday baby and maternal products from well-known and recognized international brands.” And that’s exactly what the shop aims to achieve — to sell baby and maternal products. This is a market often disregarded by a lot of people. But with babies born everyday, and a lot of services coming online, guess what? This makes sense.

And their design is just on point!

Like many of these commerce shops, Mum and Child only provides an online front, to help them deliver their products. And exactly like other startups hoping to break through, their service is currently only available in Accra and Tema, and they provide a simple process on their website about how it all works.

And this seems to have been borne by founders who experiences the pain of finding baby products all around Accra, easily. They explain,

“We are parents, just like you who saw the need to make life easier and more economical. We know about parenthood and everything that goes into it… that is why we have the largest online shop which provides you and your baby’s needs at the best prices.”

Mum and Child is the only portfolio company currently under Africa eCommerce Group, which reminds me of Rocket Internet Group, or even better Saltside Technologies. They hope to have a portfolio of internet companies, mostly running commerce products. It will be exciting to see that happen.