Bye SMSGH, Hello Hubtel!

For the past 12 years, SMSGH has been a household name when it comes to yes… SMS. The company started exactly 12-years-to-the-day today, providing short messaging services applications to clients. You know where the “GH” came from. After that long time and several related applications later, the company has rebranded to Hubtel.

Hans Nilsson, Hubtel Board Chairman

Hubtel, at a glance, gives you the idea that it’s a hub of telephone-related services, and that’s exactly what the software company has now evolved to. In a letter announcing the rebrand launch event, the CEO explains…

Over the years, we have evolved beyond SMS applications to offer payment, loyalty, enterprise messaging connectivity and many other solutions. As our services have grown, we have also expanded into new markets across Africa.

In other words — we have outgrown both the SMS and GH in our name.

This gives you exactly what the whole rebranding means, something startups need to take care of. Naming has never been easy.

Alex Bram, Hubtel CEO

The Friday evening rebrand launch obviously was one worth attending.  The event was outlined with the several phases of the rebranding, Hubtel’s office in Kenya, the new platform and all its integrated services, and introduction of, Hubtel’s non-profit arm that will commit 1% of Hubtel’s resources, both human and financial to causes that meet their criteria. More to come on that soon.

And there was time for a little celebration…

It was good to see how the brand has evolved from 3 founders in 2005, to 100 employees in 2017.  This new brand seeks to also present a new brand experience, for both customers, and stakeholders. And that’s exactly what their new website shows. Since Hubtel’s platforms have been mostly used for brand enhancement and customer services the new tagline, “Rethink Customer Service” is a challenge to both its clients and itself to improve customer service in  continent where customer desire to be cherished.

The new logo unveiled…

It’s no news that SMSGH has been one of the best success stories concerning tech in Ghana. With their expansion to Kenya, Cameroon and Nigeria, they are poised to soon become a force in the sub-region, and it’s only expected that things get better.

Bye SMSGH, Hello Hubtel! SMSGH is now Hubtel.