Young At Heart Ghana Launches STEAM App, Ananse The Teacher

ananse the teacher app

For so long, Ghanaians have known Ananse as a trickster who will go all lengths to have his way, mostly leading to his own detriment, eventually. However, the folks at Young at Heart Ghana have used the personality we know of Ananse as an educator, to create the Ananse the Teacher game which teaches Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

Ananse the Teacher is a prime app with local content that uses folklore and Ananse stories to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It is a learning app which provides a gamified experience, something which is rarely found in education apps across the country. Looking to expand its reach, the team suited the game for use in both schools and homes, and this will be especially helpful once students are on holidays.

Young at Heart Ghana was adjudged a Digital Changemaker in the Tigo Reach for Change Program in 2015. Their solution to education is to improve the learning experience of children in rural schools by empowering them with basic computer skills. Hence, Ananse the Teacher app is just the right step further into their dream of digital inclusion for all.

As Head of PR, Victor Ayertey puts it,

“Over the period, we have been to empower about 3000 children and youth who have enrolled in our digital literacy programme in rural communities across the country. We are empowering the next generation of digital innovators.”

The current 6-member team is headed by Josephine Marie Godwyll, the Founder/National Coordinator of Young at Heart Ghana. The five other members are Martin Bruce (Deputy Nat. Coord & Students and Alumni Coordinator), Amanda Adwoa Agyeiwaah (Deputy Students and Alumni Coordinator), Baba Awuni Salifu Jnr (Technical Head), Winnie Nyaaba (Head of Finance) and Victor Ayertey as Head of Public Relations.

Reach out to the team via their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Do you know of any other apps on the Ghanaian market that are STEAM-oriented and promote digital inclusion? Share in the comments below.


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