Digi Teller Provides an E-Wallet for Self-Banking via Messaging

digi teller on gharage

Among the many things that affect our lives, money plays a major role, whether making it, or managing it. As tech grows, we find easier, more intuitive ways to manage our money. Now we are able to use AI and bots to help us manage our money as well.

Digi Teller is a Ghanaian fintech startup, finalists in the Ecobank Fintech Challenge, looking to use bots and conversational language on existing messaging platforms to help you manage your money. They call it self-banking via messaging.

Tim, lead at VICELIVE studios, makers of Digi Teller, explains,

Digi Teller can connect to your bank, allowing you to manage money and do more quickly and easily, simply by chatting. We help banks create a new lifestyle banking experiences on leading platforms like Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Slack. What we are really trying to do is creating a “digital empathy” between banks and their customers.

Digi Wallet by Digi Teller is Africa’s first paperless, signatureless & branchless bank. You can open a Digi Teller e-wallet in 90 seconds flat, to make bill payments. You can deposit, withdraw and transfer money with lightning speed, it also lets you set goals and draw out a plan to achieve them. It’s a bank! You can convert to a Savings Account anytime.

Digi Teller will also easily integrate with your backend banking system to provide customer banking information. For example, a customer could ask “What is my account balance?” and get the desired response. It bank to automate the simple, repetitive questions they receive. It is a win for customers as they get an instant answer.

In this era of compliance and heightened security, all communication via the system is secure and encrypted.

Digi Teller is powered by VICELIVE Studios, a digital design agency in Sub-Saharan Africa based in Accra and Pretoria. Digi Teller was hatched earlier this year, and they are already in the final list of 20 startups selected out of 850 startups all over Africa, Europe and the USA, in the Ecobank Fintech Challenge. Winning will make way for them to be present to do business in over 33 countries around the world.

The team comprises 4 stalwarts, charting the course of the company. Timothy Quarshie is the founder of VICELIVE Studios. Hitherto, he led operations for Premise Data as Country Manager, a lead curator at Virtual Reality Ghana.

Precious Jahlom Agboado is the Chief Technology Officer, serving as Full Stack Developer and AI Engineer. At Digi Teller, he leads product development solved technical issues! He has worked with companies like ACARE, Nibble IT Consult, and presently also a full stack engineer at meQasa.

The third member (confidential) is Managing Partner & Head of Design + User Experience. He leads the design team at VICELIVE Studios and helps creates unique user experience for Digi Teller.

Finally, Kevin Aquah Peniel is Head of Business Operations + Corporate Development. His processes make Digi Teller efficient. He’s been with GCB Bank, a sales and business associate and a total hustler at heart — always thrilled to help consumers make better financial decisions.

The team is yet to launch their the product. It will soon be ready on your favourite messaging apps. No app, download or setup required. Check out their website at meetdigiteller.com. or contact [email protected].

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