Nkyea is an iOS app for learning Twi (+some free codes)

nkyea twi phrasebook on gharage

If you’re Ghanaian, it’s possible you have a basic understanding of Asante Twi, the most popular Ghanaian language. For non-Ghanaians and even Ghanaians living outside, understanding the language can be a problem sometimes. Usually, on travel, you’d purchase a phrase book, so you can understand the language and have some basic conversations. Nkyea does just that, for Twi.

Nkyea Twi Phrasebook is an education/travel -categorised book which helps you to learn and communicate in Asante Twi. For a long time, I’ve known Nkyea as one of the best-performing Ghanaian apps on the App Store.

The app has more than 3500 searchable words and phrases, all with native audio. For anyone, this will provide enough knowledge for you to communicate effectively, even if it is to make small talk or buy some waakye. You also have the ability to reinforce what you learn with quizzes. You can even use the app in iMessage to send Asante Twi messages to friends.

On the low, Twi Phrasebook has been downloaded at least 50 a day everyday for the past 3 years. The app is a paid app selling for $2.99, something worth the money for all the Twi phrases you can learn and have fun speaking.

Nkyea Learning Systems is a one man operation run by Nana Kwabena Sarpong, an indie iOS developer and African language enthusiast, mostly in Cape Coast. He founded the company in 2010. After operating for 7 years, he currently sells more than 20 language apps on the Apple App Store.

Everyone loves free, so you’re probably itching to download the app with the free codes. If you already know Twi, you could let this one pass for those who really want to learn.

If you’ve still been wondering what “Nkyea” means, that means you really need the app. it’s “greeting(s)” in Twi.

Download at: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/nkyea-twi-phrasebook/id354134063

Below are two promo codes to redeem on the App Store for free:


Contact Nkyea on twitter and via email on info@nkyea.com or Nana himself at nana@nkyea.com. You can also check out their website, www.nkyea.com